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Natasha or NJ. | 19
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October 19th
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11:36 pm

I’m writing every day. I may not post all of them (I like keeping some to myself), but I’m writing every day again. It feels surreal. I miss this.

October 19th
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10:31 pm

I hope to terrify someone enough that he’d willingly spend his lifetime trying to tame his heart whenever I’m near him, but at the same time, he’d let it roar in his chest with love pumping in his veins.

October 19th
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October 19th
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9:09 am
Anonymous: You've been a great influence to me. I remember the first time I visited your blog i fell in love with your words and your poems in instant and that time I suddenly felt the urge to write something like yours but then up to now, I still haven't finish anything yet. Every time I tried to write something, my mind seemed to wonder everything...

This gives me warm, fuzzy feelings aw. I want you to know that it’s okay if you haven’t finished anything yet. That’s what makes writing beautiful - when it’s not rushed or forced. Just write down whatever is on your mind. Jot notes of everything. You don’t have to create full, long poetry or prose. Sometimes, I just write a sentence or two on my journal of something that passed my mind. Write down what you wonder about. I wish you the greatest on your writing endeavors, dear anon. If you get to write a poem or something, I’d love to read it! :)

October 19th
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9:00 am
Anonymous: I guess I need to talk to someone, but I also don't want anyone to think I'm dumb, my emotions just need to be out there. Well, myself and this boy have been hooking up the entire summer and as soon as the school year started, he's been like really distant. We spoke every single friggin day this summer and now I'm lucky if he even responds to my snapchats, the only time he ever speaks to me is when he's drunk and I actually really like him and I don't know what to do.

You could always talk to him about it. Let him know he’s being an idiot or whatever it is you want to tell him, maybe including the fact that you like him. Maybe it’ll be good to get it out there, you know? Then if he still treats you the way he’s doing right now, then you can walk away with fewer, if there’s even any, regrets because you said your side and expressed your feelings.

October 18th
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7:08 pm
Anonymous: I felt like writing this to someone. Surprisingly, I became a person that a lot of girls confide in, looking for advice, encouragement or a smile. Some have talked about love interests (and problems) and some actually thought about me enough to ask if I had someone to talk about. I don't. I haven't had in a long time, my standards grew, I fear, quite high. And although I often wish I had found someone to think and dream about, I think it's ok. I want to get it right, and I'm in no hurry. It's ok

It’s definitely okay. Not everything has to be rushed. Most of the best things in life don’t have to come right away. The journey can be just as satisfying as the end point.

October 18th
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October 18th
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10:31 am
Anonymous: Natasha, my friend thought she and her bf are still together but when I asked him he said they aren't and I showed my friend his answer after 10 days.. do you think I showed her too late?

I don’t really know how late is too late. I just think it’s still important and good that you still showed it to her and let her know about the situation.

October 18th
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10:25 am
Anonymous: Dear Natasha, my best friend's bf flirted with me and I kind of messed up and went with it and now I told her he's a jerk (which is true) and she should break up with him. And I'm scared she'll find out I let him flirt with me...

I think you can just be honest with your best friend, dear anon. Honesty and communication are important. It’s better for her to find out from you by you telling her than for her to find out from someone else, you know?

October 18th
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10:14 am
Anonymous: Could you kindly grant my request for a poem about how you miss someone so much? Thank you. :-)

Hey, I already wrote stuff about missing someone, so there you go :)

October 17th
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8:22 pm
Anonymous: Can you write a poem about long distance love, a poem for someone you love who's miles away from you, someone who you want to be with the most but can't :< Thanks, would be highly appreciated. Love your writings. <3

I love a touch I haven’t felt yet, and I want my skin to kiss yours,
my hands to entwine with yours and my lips to capture your smile.
I crave the exhales from your lungs and the warmth of your eyes.
If only I can bottle up your laugh through the hour-long phone calls.
If only I can trace your frown lines through the screen.
If only I can taste the words escaping your lips.
I run my fingers across the map, imagining it’s your skin,
feeling every freckle, every curve, every beautiful imperfection.
I am whispering your name against the darkness,
hoping the sound travels across thousands of miles,
and you’ll hear the tremor of my voice from where you are.
My love, I know I cannot wipe away your tears with my hands
or settle down with bliss next to you
or spend cold nights and warm days in your arms,
but I am choosing you and your 1 am messages
and the empty, cold bed and the winded sighs of your name.
I ache for your touch to seep into mine
and I know someday we’ll be skin on skin,
but for now, I’m settling with a “Good morning, love. I miss you”
when all I really want to do is walk home with you -
and I envy the sky for seeing you every day.

October 17th
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October 16th
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7:43 pm
Anonymous: A request if you feel like it; that love you have for a new friend when you are like, seeing you makes my day better, and I hope we become better friends

You are like the radiance to my shadows.
You with such warmth,
such glow,
such love,
such mystery
I’d like to wrap myself in.
Let’s collapse into laughter
from dusk till dawn.
I want to know your dark hours,
your untamed storms,
and your hidden stories.
You with such kindness,
such iridescence,
such brightness
I’d like to discover more.
Everything is brand new,
and you’re a breath of fresh air.
Such potential and possibility
for our friendship to evolve
and to last a lifetime.
Tell me where you’re going tomorrow,
and I’d like to go there with you,
my dearest.

October 16th
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10:08 am

Writing is exhausting sometimes. Basically you’re sitting there, and you’re unraveling yourself into pieces. You’re either stabbing your heart and soul as your pen bleeds on paper or you’re distorting your already confused thoughts as you find the right words to express what you want to say. But in many cases, it’s both. Call me a masochist, but I’m still going to write and write and write until it seems like I’m all out of words. Then I’m going to write some more.

October 15th
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11:02 pm